It’s time you kicked
crappy content
to the curb

We get it.

You’ve spent 30+ hours on a document that…

looks like it
took 30 minutes
tells you nada about
how your readers engage…
renders horribly
on mobile …
or (oops) has a
mistake in it…

Case study: Learn how

We measure what your old docs never could

From page views to Binkopens to device types -- we've got you covered.

Join us in saying adios to antiquated ways of working

Did you know PowerPoint and PDFs became popular the ‘90s? Yep. Then Google docs arrived on the scene, and yeah, it’s cool. But when have you ever created a beautiful Google doc that didn’t send the reader down a hyperlink rabbit hole?

Dip into the future

Stop fussing with documents that frustrate readers and start creating versionless content experiences today

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insights you can count on

From page views to clicks and more, never wonder how your content is performing.

Simply and superbly secure

You're welcome. You'll never have to worry about your docs getting into the wrong hands.

100% Versionless (REALLY)

No one has to think about if they have the right version. It's always up-to-date.

Any screen at any time

No matter what device  -- mobile to desktop -- you’ll always look good.

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